End of the school year…

It is the best of times; it is the worst of times.  The end of the year is wonderfully, horribly, productively, tiring time.  I love this exhausting time of the school year.  The kids are wild with Spring fever, yet they learn more at this point than at any other time.  No, really, I’m not crazy!

At the beginning of the year I nearly kill myself setting up classroom procedures.  I make sure that the students know what is acceptable behavior and they quickly learn that they will face the consequences if they do not meet expectations, this usually includes my calling their parents and putting mama’s and/or papa’s number in my phone memory.  Throughout the year that phone is within quick reach.  As we work consecutive lessons, the students learn the structures.  Pretty soon they know the routines and what I will say so well that they start saying things before I do—that’s right about the time that I have them start playing teacher for certain activities.  By the end of the year, they’re playing teacher for virtually all activities.  I love when students teach themselves!  In fact this post was written during the work day as students taught themselves.  (Okay, maybe today is not the best example since I did have to actually do some teaching for their upcoming project, but you get the point.)


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