My Students Are Excited for their Research Project! (Part 1)

This year I am teaching a self-contained ESL 6th grade class.  My students range from newly arrived to those born here, but unable as of yet to test out of the ESL program.  Those who still have not tested out, are the ones I have in my English class. It is now January and we are in the middle of our Expository lesson.  I started by going through the entire textbook and marking all the pages that had anything to do with the skills we would need; then, I assigned a couple to the class and after much scaffolding asked them to answer a few questions on their own to assess their comprehension…EPIC FAIL!!!!

Therefore, I decided to go back to my old standby for student buy-in, technology. I had my students create an Edmodo account, which is a classroom based social network.  I decided that because bibliographies are so difficult for students, I would give that to them first giving them the opportunity for several practice opportunities throughout the lessons.  I began by giving them these links.

That was too confusing for my students so I wrote the instructions on the board for them.


I left this for them as homework over the break and was soon bombarded by messages that they did not understand.  I then posted this video for them.  (The OSLIS website has changed it’s look since I recorded this so just scroll down for MLA, and the audio is not very good so turn it way up.)

For those teachers in LAUSD, you may also find these links useful as you cannot get into the World Book encyclopedia without an account.

  • School E-mail Login (Have students login before they attempt to open the World Book Encyclopedia if they are working from home.)
  • LAUSD Digital Library (If the other link does not work, they can also access the World Book Online here.

If your students are working at home and do not have Microsoft Office, you can direct them to Open Office, which is free shareware.

I will end this lesson here and post what I did for the rest of the research lesson in my next post.



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